Certification Process Flow Chart

Enquiry received from Client Send Brochure-Route to certification Send Application /questionaire seeking Client Site Information

Received Application / completed Questionnaire Conduct Contract Review - Scope/ Resources - Regret in case the scope is not in MTIC approved scope list

Send completed Estimate for 3 year certification programme and Contracts

Received signed Contract Plan audit Send / issue auditor, document pack

Document review , Stage 1 audit , Initial Report and Invoice

Corrective Actions, Time gap between Stage – 1 and Stage – 2 audit to be of 4 days.

Plan Stage 2 Audit allocate Team and agree audit dates with client and auditors, conduct audit

Audit Report and Invoice

Corrective Actions

Certification file review by decision maker

Certificate Approval and Issue of certificate

3 Year Surveillance Plan and Invoice each audit

Re-tender for new contract Plan audit

The certificate is valid subjected to periodic conductance of surveillance Audits, If surveillance Audit is not conducted with in the due period certificate goes for suspension further to cancellation.