The goal of the INTERCERT GmbH - Group of MTIC - certification body is to provide a certification service that is distinguished by its professionalism, efficiency, timely delivery and cost/performance ratio. The main objective of INTERCERT GmbH - Group of MTIC - is to fulfill the tasks delegated to it in such a way as benefits society at large and the global economy the most and be independence and impartiality.

INTERCERT GmbH - Group of MTIC - first priority is its customers. In order to be competitive on the international market, every job is handled equally, whether foreign or domestic.

A management system must meet international requirements in line with the EN 45011 and ISO/IEC 17021 in order to receive certification. INTERCERT GmbH - Group of MTIC - tries to utilise its management system in order to effectively support high national and international certification requirements.

This is why :

Consistently applying quality requirements and meeting the needs of the customer in regard to the development, costs and duration of the transaction for every certification process is of paramount importance to INTERCERT

GmbH - Group of MTIC -

The systematic updating, application and development of INTERCERT GmbH - Group of MTIC - is not only confined to maintaining any single system or process, rather it is designed to encourage all participants to strive for the proper quality and to assume greater responsibility during work processes

INTERCERT GmbH - Group of MTIC - activities are carried out independent of political and economic interests, are not subject to outside influence and follow legal policies in not discriminating against parties interested in its services

INTERCERT GmbH - Group of MTIC - assumes complete responsibility for the tasks it is assigned. This means not only making information of public interest freely available, but also the proper handling of confidential information

INTERCERT GmbH - Group of MTIC - has implemented a complaint management system