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An inspection is the process of product quality verification in accordance with pre-identified specifications. This includes the thorough checking of products before, during, and after production. This minute attention to detail helps both buyer and manufacturer by ensuring that all requirements and specifications are met with the most knowledgeable attention.

An inspection program can benefit your company by strengthening and protecting your reputation and brand image. As well, such a program would improve supplier performance and product quality through the minimization of product loss, rejects, charge backs and recalls. Both buyer and producer would benefit through the continual improvement of quality systems and overall performance. Most importantly, sales revenue would be secured through the prevention of error and any subsequent loss of profit.

As pressure to deliver quality products intensifies, companies are growing increasingly aware of the importance to provide high-quality products that are both safe and efficient, while also reducing the product life cycle and the time to market. Companies must closely monitor the organization and knowledge of both their own process and those of their suppliers, all in order to meet their customers’ needs in the competitive markets at the domestic, European Union and international levels. We MTIC InterCert India Private Limited are a 100% Subsidiary of InterCert GmbH -Group of MTIC - boasts the most up-to-date knowledge and resources for guaranteeing an authoritative inspection of any kind for all organizations wishing to strengthen their competitiveness, visibility and development potential with regard to rival companies.

We MTIC InterCert India Private Limited are a 100% Subsidiary of InterCert GmbH -Group of MTIC - offers a wide range of inspection, expediting and related services which fall into the following eight macro sectors: